Docker Based Build Environments
Use Docker-Compose for running builds.
Out of box Github Integration
  • Automatically sets up Github webhooks for pull requests and github pushes when a new job is setup.
  • Private Repo support via generated deploy keys.
  • Sets commit status during and after build run.
  • Jobs follow name-spacing structure of github, jobs are nested under organization folder(Screenshot)
  • Authorization scheme mapped to corresponding github repo permissions. (Screenshot)
  • Changeset is calculated from github payload.
  • Builds for master branch get special treatment
    • LastBuild permalink points to last build for master.
    • master branch status is treated as job status( useful for dashboard/job weather tools)
    • lastSuccessfulMaster permalink.
Fixes Jenkins
  • Custom build history branch tabs.
  • Fetch builds by git sha (job/meow/sha?value=<sha>)
  • Fetch last build for a branch (job/meow?branch=<branch-name>)
  • Scaling Jenkins.
  • Backed by a mongodb database.
  • Store unlimited number of builds without performance degradation.
  • Query build statistics by querying database. Job/Build data is stored in mongodb bson format.
  • User builds view (This is the default view in our jenkins installation) (Screenshot)